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7th Annual FIB SEM Workshop

February 27, 2014
Kossiakoff Center
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, MD

2014 FIB SEM Workshop was another successful meeting with a full day of presentations and posters highlighting interesting new FIB applications and the latest technology, lively discussions amongst fellow FIBers and the obligatory Happy Hour event. We could not have done it without all the attendees, presenters and our wonderful and generous sponsors, so thank you all!

If you were not able to make it to this year’s meeting, we've updated the FIB SEM website (www.fibsem.org) with the final meeting agenda (including abstracts) and meeting photos, so please check it out. We are still collecting the presentation slides from the presenters. As they become available, we will post them on the website.

For more information about the FIB SEM meetings, please contact the organizers or check out our Meetings page for previous years' agendas.

Other FIB Events

University of Maryland NanoDay & Electron Microscopy Workshop 2014

June 11 - 13, 2014
College Park, MD

NanoDay 2014 will feature plenary talks by prominent scientists in nanoscience, a poster session for breaking research, and networking opportunities. The next two days are the Electron Microscopy Workshop days. Set for June 11-13, we expect about 250 scientists, engineers and researchers from government laboratories, industrial corporations and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Lehigh Microscopy School 2014

June 8 - 13, 2014
Bethlehem, PA

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2014

August 3 - 7, 2014
Hartford, CT

Symposium A5: 15 Years of Focused Ion Beams at M&M
The first FIB session at M&M 2000 consisted of 20 papers and was dominated by applications of Ga+ focused ion beams for TEM specimen preparation. Since then, the use of FIB-based instruments has expanded to 3D analysis, specimen preparation for atom probe tomography and other techniques, nanomachining, and nanodeposition for inorganic materials, organic materials, and biological materials in ambient and cryo conditions. In addition, the development of new ion sources beyond LMIS to GFIS and ICPS using e.g., He+, Ne+, Xe+, and other ions have allowed unique imaging, analytical, milling and deposition capabilities while expanding usable length scales. Papers are encouraged on topics of focused ion beams including instrumentation, theory, and applications.

Symposium A12: 3D Imaging and Microanalysis: Image Analysis and Applications
Recent advances in detector technology, microscopy instrumentation and computing resources enable routine 3-dimensional structural, elemental and chemical imaging of materials, providing unexpected insights and better understanding of biological processes and material properties. However, advances in 3D imaging and microanalysis also introduced challenges specific to 3D analysis including multi-dimensional data processing and management problems. In this symposium, we will focus on the new methods and approaches in 3D imaging and microanalysis, novel 3D analysis applications, and data processing topics such as computational, mathematical and computer vision methodologies for characterization of 3D structures in physical and biological sciences.